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Legislative Activity

John Mulroe is a life-long Illinois resident just like the rest of us, and has the same concerns about our out-of-control state budget, education of our children and protection of our most vulnerable citizens. Since taking office in 2010, John has been the primary sponsor on 102 House and Senate bills passed into law, that address those issues and more.

During the 99th General Assembly (2015) year, Senator Mulroe sponsored or co-sponsored 18 bills that have already been entered into public law; a 19th bill (SB 661) was passed by both the House and Senate but was vetoed by Governor Rauner. (Read an op-ed from Senator Mulroe about the governor's veto here.) Several more bills are still in review.

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Senator Mulroe currently serves on ten committees and is the chair of three:

  • Criminal Law
  • Insurance
  • Judiciary
  • Public Health (chair)
  • Committee of the Whole
  • Commerce and Economic Development
  • Energy and Public Utilities
  • Sub-Committee on Immunization (chair)
  • Sub-Committee on Special Issues (CL) (chair)
  • Committee Oversight of Medicaid and Managed Care

Senate bills signed into law during the 99th General Assembly (2015) for which Senator Mulroe was the primary sponsor:

  • SB 54: Insurance-Mammograms

    Provides that insurance providers may allow mammogram procedures to include tomosynthesis 3-D imaging coverage.
  • SB 57: Family Law-Various

    Amends sections of Illinois Family Law to clarify and update technical language related to shared parenting and access to school and health records.
  • SB 636: Aeronautics/Noise Monitoring

    Requires certificate of approval for construction of a new runway at O'Hare Airport that would result in more than 10 (rather than 8) runways being available for aircraft operations.
  • SB 735: Foreclosure Special Representative

    Streamlines foreclosure proceedings when there are clear beneficiaries of a deceased mortgagor.
  • SB 764: AEDs in Police Stations

    Requires police departments that employ over 100 people comply with the AED Act and be equipped with an AED.
  • SB 1410: School Health Code Immunizations Exception

    Authorizes children to forego immunizations and other health exams if the parents object on religious grounds; requires that a signed Certificate of Religious Exemption be presented to the school, which details the grounds for objection and sets forth specific religious beliefs that are conflicting to the immunizations, exams or tests. The local school authority is responsible for determining if the content constitutes a valid religious exemption in accordance with established DPH rules. 
  • SB 1466: Narcan Distribution Act

    Authorizes licensed pharmacists to dispense Narcan without a prescription as long as they complete a DHS-approved training program and follow written procedures developed by DPH, DHS and DFPR.
  • SB1516: Liquor Retailers

    Requires that hotels and restaurants with their own distilleries or wine manufacturing licenses must use a distributor to sell the alcohol they manufacture. This already applies to any distillery that is not a restaurant or hotel.
  • SB 1588: Human Trafficking Defense for Prostitution

    Creates an affirmative defense for people charged with prostitution if they can prove that they engaged in prostitution as a result of human trafficking.
  • SB 1589: Road Fund Audit

    Clarifies language to dictate that the Secretary of State should be depositing certain funds in to the Road Fund, not the State Construction Account.

House bills signed into law during the 99th General Assembly for which Senator Mulroe was the primary Senate sponsor:

  • HB 1446: DUI Permit

    Allows drivers who had their license permanently revoked after a fourth DUI conviction to obtain a restricted driving permit after 5 years if the person shows a minimum 3 years of uninterrupted sobriety and successfully completes all of the recommended rehabilitation activity.
  • HB 1453: Excessive Speeding

    Disallows an order of supervision for drivers charged with driving more 25 miles over the posted speed limit, who have previously received supervision for or been convicted of driving more than 25 miles over the limit in a school, construction or designated urban zone.
  • HB 1531: Parentage Act

    Rewrites outdated parentage law to update for genetic testing, parent-child relationship and child support obligations.
  • HB 1384: First Responder Assault

    Increases the penalty for aggravated assault of police, fire and emergency personnel operating in the line of duty.
  • HB 3193: Home Equity Assurance

    Amends law, permitting low-interest home improvement loans by Home Equity Districs.
  • HB 3510: Health Care Facilities Planning Sub-Committee

    Amends requirements for the sub-committee and review of health care facility rules and guidelines.
  • HB 3512: Interstate Family Support Act

    Updates the Act in accordance with 2008 amendments recommended by the Uniform Law Commission.
  • HB 3977: Hearsay Exceptions

    Repeals provisions in the Code of Criminal Conduct that deal with evidentiary hearsay exceptions in murder cases. your social media marketing partner